A keyboard player, computer manipulator, arranger, composer and producer.
Born on September 16th in Tokyo, JAPAN.

She suffered an extreme kind of sound phobia, so her parents persuaded her to learn how to play the piano to help get over it when she was two years old. Though she entered the Toyo Eiwa Jogakuin (Toyo Eiwa girl's school) kindergarten in Tokyo, she moved to Taiwan when she was 5 years old because of her father's job. She became a famous pianist's pupil while she was there, and the pianist began to think that she had an extraordinary talent as a performer.

When she was 8 years old, her family returned to Japan and she went back to Toyo Eiwa Jogakuin and studied there until she graduating high school.
While she was a student, she sometimes participated in a band and often played Burt Bacharach and Bossa, before becoming fascinated with playing other kinds of music, as she had grown sick of playing only classical music.
A famous producer friend of hers, Masataka Matsutoya, helped her band at that time, and he persuaded her to join the music circle run by Yamaha Ginza, and she then started to participate in amateur concerts very often. One day, she accompanied Yumiko Kokonoe on the piano, her first experience of playing with a professional singer. Just after that, she was strongly affected by Pink Floyd's concert in Hakone, saying their music fitted the nature of Hakone perfectly and it was like 'Air with colours'.

Though she went to Kunitachi college of Music and majored in piano after she graduated high school, most of her teachers were only interested in classical music and didn't allow her to play other kinds of music, so she started to go to An Music school to study Jazz, where she was taught by Masahiko Sato and Kenji Enatsu (currently Wong Winzan). At the same time, she also started to participate in a band, playing at the American Army bases around Tokyo. After that, when Masataka Matsutoya produced Yumi Arai (currently Yumi Matsutoya)'s first album and she was selected by him for Yumi's backing band, 'Papalemon'. It was the start of her career as a professional musician.

Live Activities About her live activities.
Other Activities   About her other activities such as studio work, production and tuition.

1973-1976 Yumi Arai's tour
1974   Takuro Yoshida's concert in Tsumagoi
1974-   Keiko Maruyama's tour
1975-   Hi-fi set's tour
1976-   Kaze's tour
1978-   Yumi Matsutoya's tour
1978-   Masaki Ueda and Push & Pull's tour
1978   Maumi Itsuwa's concert
1979-   Kousetsu Minami's tour
1980-   Miyuki Nakajima's tour
1982-   She took a break from live activities and started to focus on studio work.

1997-2001 Junko Yagami's tour. She started to perform live again, also doing sound production at the time.
2000-   Shoji Ise, Junko Yamamoto's tour
2000-   Eglite's live (Gt,Vocal:Mitsuo Nagai, Dr:Eiji Shimamura, Bass:Hiroshi Sawada, Vi:Keisuke Ota, Sax:Toshihiko Furumura) .
      She organised "System"(Gt,Synth:Makoto Matsushita, Gt,Perc,etc:Yoshio Miyazaki) for new style ambient live.
2001, 2002, 2003   Kosetsu Minami's tour

She started to do more studio work than live activities around 1978, and participated on thousands of albums, singles and commercials. She purchased a synthesizer for her studio and became a pioneer among music manipulators. She respected Hideki Matsutake (YMO) as the 'Father of Techno'. She used to work as "Maki Tashiro" or "Maki" at that time.
Album Participations Chage & Aska, Miyuki Nakajima, Junko Yagami, Seiko Matsuda, Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi, Akina Nakamori, Akiko Wada, Hideki Saijo, Goro Noguchi, Toshihiko Tahara, Masahiko Kondo, The Checkers, Anri, Candies, Bread & Butter, Eichi Otaki, Mayumi Itsuwa, Ikue Sakakibara, Naoko Kawai, Shonentai, animated series"The Space Battleship Yamato", and most of Kyohei Tsutumi's works.

She purchased a Fairlight for her house in 1983, and establishing her private 24-channel studio, she started to work at home.
Masterpiece She produced the first public performance of the musical 'Cats' in Japan on the Fairlight, as well as providing music for amusement parks, expositions and original film soundtracks.
Amusement parks : Tokyo Disneyland, Lotte World in Korea, Toshimaen.
Expositions : Tsukuba International Exposition, Okinawa exposition.
Films : Touch (Toho), Nausicaa of Valley of Wind (Studio Ghibli), Yuki no dansho (The literary fragment of the snow) (Toho).
Her Album : Light House (Pony Canyon)

She has been teaching basic music theory, composition and keyboard techniques for music composition at Mica Music Laboratory, which was established by Masataka Matsutoya, since 1992.

2000 The maxi-single "Puesta Del Sol" / Junko Yagami (Recorded in L.A Encor Studio)
2002   The Album "Breath by Breath" / Breath by Breath (Crown Records)
      The album "Natsu koi bana (The flowers of love in summer)" / Kira (Toshiba EMI)
      The album "A cappella DOYO (Japanese nursery rhymes a capella)" / Breath by Breath (Columbia Records)
2003   The album "Harukaze (Spring breezes)" / Yumirose (Neoprex)


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