Yumirose's song, "Michi (The road)" arranged and produced by Maki Yajima will featured on NHK's "Minna no uta" from April to May this year.

She wrote this song "Michi" when she was a student of Maica Music Laboratory, and then she got a prize for the best song among the school. She has wished this her song would be released since then, and now her dream comes true. The song, "Michi" is going to be released on April.
"Shokusai no Okoku (The Kingdom for food materials)" is going to be on air from October 11 every Saturday from 9:55 a.m. to 10:25 a.m. on TV Asahi. You can listen to Kira's new songs, "Yukyu no Tsubasa (The eternal wings)" and "Sara" on this TV program.
Kira's song, "Natsu koi bana (The flower of love in summer)" written by Maki Yajima will featured on NHK's "Minna no uta" again from Jun to July this year.
Breath by Breath's "Ave Maria" which was recorded for their first album, is going to be put on a compilation wedding ceremony album. It will be released on May 16, 2003 by Crown Records.
Album Title : "Joy of Happyness - pops version -"
Product number : CRCP-20562
We recommend it to people who are going to hold wedding parties and to the planners of wedding ceremonies.
From Columbia music entertainment on February 21.
"NHK Minna no uta (The songs for everybody by NHK)" including 40 songs was released. Breath by Breath's song, "Bremen no moppets ongakuka (Moppets musicians in Bremen)" and Kira's "Natsu koi bana (The flowers of love in the summer)" were included on this album.
Hiromi Iwasaki's album, "Dear Friends" was released in March 21.
A cover album of old Japanese pop songs, Breath by Breath participated on "Miagetegoran, yoru no hoshi wo (Look up to the stars in the night sky)".
Yumirose's new album "Hrukaze (Spring breeze)" which was produced by Maki Yajima was released by Neoplex on Feburuary 19.
Recently, her songs are often aired on many radio stations and it has been decided that she will make her major debut through Toshiba EMI in the future.
Breath by Breath performed at BS Japan special music program "Night & Day" from 11:30 to 13:25 on Wednesday, March 26.
Breath by Breath held their live at JZ Brat on March 16. That live, their interview and the show with Yukiko Hada were on aired by BS Japan several times.

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