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Kira is a unit formed by Yasuhiro Kido and Junko Hirotani who have provided their music and voices to many artists. The theme of their songs are the flowers which bloom from season to season casually.
On the other hand, lyricist Rui Serisawa gave them a beautiful lyric about the world of Japanese classical literature "Genji monogatari". They did their best to make this album acoustically, and to create a Japanese atmosphere by using only the sounds of Japanese words but without using any traditional Japanese instruments such as the koto. This album invites you to a nostalgic and classical Japanese world.

Title : "Natsu koi bana (The flowers of love in summer)"/ Kira
Price : 2,700 yen (Including tax)
Release : Jun 26, 2002 by Toshiba EMI
1. Sakura (Cherry blossom)
2. Hidamari (A sunny place)
3. Natsu koi bana (The flowers of love in summer)
4. Yuki Tsuki Hana Haru (Snow, moon, flower and spring)
5. Kizasi (The sign)
6. Maboroshi (The illusion)
7. Haruno nanakusa, akino nanakusa, oboeuta (The seven flowers in spring, The seven flowers in autumn, and the song for rememberingj
8. Yami yo, yamiyo yo (The darkness and the dark night)
9. Yuki, tsuki, hana, aki (Snow, moon, flowers and autumn)
10. Rakuen no yuki (Snow in the paradise)
11. Hana no yo (The splendid age)

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