Their brilliant voices invite you to a quiet and peaceful world!

Breath by Breath is a unit formed by professional vocalists who have been supporting Japanese top musicians for long time. Their first album, "Breath by Breath" was released on January 23, 2003 by Crown records!

Title : "Breath by Breath" / Breath by Breath
Price : 1,800 yen (Including tax)
Product number : CRCP-20287
1. Kyrie
2. Cruel War
3. Kira
4. Soshu Yakyoku (The nocturne in Soshu)
5. Rebirth
6. New Born
7. Toki Yamani hi wa ochite -Shinsekai-
(The Sun Has Gone Behind the Mountains Far Away - A new world -)
8. Ave Maria

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Yumi Matsutoya
Like the echoes in the valleys, and like lights shining into the forests, their voices always give our, solo singers the nuance like the shadows. They are completely professional voices of the shadows. Those beautiful shadows are reflecting and joining each other. Their clear voices invite us to a floating world.
Ken Shima
I felt it was very new, but very nostalgic at the same time. This is an album which reminds you of things you have forgotten for a long time.
Kaho Shimada
(Vocalist and actress)
This is a collaboration of the most professional vocalists. I was intoxicated with their deep and comfortable harmonies. I would love to participate in your unit next time!
Yoshihiro Koizumi
I feel each of your powers that you have been keeping to sing for long time. Your amazing technique gives us magic. I recommend anyone who would like to make an a cappella chorus group to listen to this album at least once!
Rui Serisawa
How lucky I am to be a lyricist that I can say "I love "Kira" best!". Thank you very much for composing, arranging and singing to my lyric. I listen to this album again and again.
Katsuhisa Hattori
(Music composer)
I haven't heard such fresh sounds for a long time. It is not only fresh but also high quality supported by their correct intervals and harmony. I understand why this album is so marvellous because of the members... they have monopolised the chorus work of current Japanese music sheen. Whenever I listened to "Singers Unlimited" and The High and Lows, I often wished we also had such a wonderful chours group... but I am very glad to say that they might become a group like them.

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